For Sale By Owner

A “For Sale by Owner” may be an option to a homeowner who may want to try to sell their home without a real estate professional. However, there is still a need for other professionals to be involved in a Florida home sale.

In the sale of real estate, GFT professionals can assist with the title insurance and closing process.

Upon accepting an offer to purchase you have some timely decisions to make regarding the closing on the transaction. For instance you need a title company to:

  • Prepare the closing statements
  • Draft the deed and transfer tax form
  • Pro-rate Taxes
  • Calculate Mortgage Payoffs
  • Obtain special assessment and tax data
  • Calculate any outstanding bills (repairs)
  • Order the Title insurance policy

GIT Florida Title Services includes these services as part of a closing package.

What is included in GFT’s closing package?

  • All of the above
  • We attend the closing with you whether it is in our offices or at another location
  • We make sure the proper documents are recorded in a timely manner
  • We will provide a single point of contact throughout the whole process

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