A New Approach to New Construction

New Construction

GIT Florida Title Services has developed a better way to handle commercial and new construction projects for one-time deals to multi-site multi-state developments.

Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide creative underwriting solutions and to coordinate the service needs of commercial / industrial and subdivision developers, builders, lenders and other real estate professionals.

The GFT team of commercial and new construction specialists will be by your side, step-by-step to help your deal stay on track. GFT has built a reputation for efficiency and excellence in customer service in processing land acquisitions, new construction and sale-out transactions. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals will accommodate projects of any size. GIT Florida Title Services can assist you with every phase of development.

We will help you with the paperwork and walk you through the process. We know that builders and developers require speed, accuracy and a helping hand to guide you through the glitches. GFT staff will breathe new life into your transaction by anticipating problems to ensure that payout deadlines are met, subcontractors are paid on time and on-time closings are achieved. We‘ll lend you a helping hand when you need it the most.

GIT Florida Title Services is uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of services to meet your requirements for the following:

  • Land Acquisition Title Processing
  • Commercial Deed and Money Escrows
  • Lender construction escrows with disbursement services and interim certification
  • Owner’s construction services providing disbursement services and mechanic lien waiver examinations
  • Development and Construction Loan Title Services
  • Sale-out Title Processing
  • A Full Range of Escrow Services customized to fit your needs
  • Technical Assistance and Coordination
  • Creative Underwriting Solutions

Personal reliable service, cost effective pricing, the ability to accommodate any project, that’s the GFT Advantage. You won’t get lost with us.