About Us

GFT is a subsidiary of Greater Illinois Title Company (GIT), Illinois’ largest title insurance agency and one of the largest title agencies in the country. The company is a part of Greater Illinois Title Company Group of Companies, covering seven states. Through its production capabilities, the company can handle any transaction in Florida and throughout the country. We put our resources to work to ensure that every transaction we conduct ends with a successful closing

GIT Florida Title Services provides a single point of contact for all title closing related services. GFT has embraced new technology to strengthen its core business and provide assurance to regulators and clients that use data and network assets remain safe and secure and that people and systems protect confidentiality.

Our mission is to view all customers as partners in business. Customizable products and services provided by experienced professionals help GFT customers attain greater efficiency, tighter production times and forward-thinking responses to smooth out the closing process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to view our customers as our partners in business and to strive to be the industry leader in continuous quality improvement.

We adhere to security policies that exceed industry standards to ensure that data and network assets are safe and confidentiality is protected. We will be market responsive and play a leading and innovative role in the industry to meet the need of consumers, customers and government agencies.

Our commitment is to provide Excellence in Customer Service (ECS 2.0) to exceed expectations and to always perform our job with the highest integrity and professionalism. That’s our commitment to you and to every customer we are honored to serve.


Core Competencies and Values

  • Deliver Excellence in Customer Service in All Areas of the Company
  • Compliance with Industry Best Practices and Changing Regulatory Requirements
  • SOC 2 Compliance With No Exceptions.
  • Innovation and Efficiency at All Levels of Operation
  • Attract and Retain the Best Talent
  • Employee Integrity and Expertise
  • Assist Clients to Become Successful Businesses
  • Create Long Term Relationships by Being Responsive and Delivering Value
  • Respect for Every Individual and Operate in a Trusted, Inclusive and Open Environment
  • Maintain the Highest of Ethical Standards and Honesty to Inspire Trust with All parties in a Transaction
  • B2B Technology Solutions

Why GFT?

  • Comprehensive Title Products and Services
  • Single Point of Contact for Complex Transactions
  • Customized Support Team
  • Proven Track Record and Portfolio of Projects
  • Indiana and National Coverage
  • Creative Underwriting
  • Unique Expertise with Commercial and Construction Projects
  • Dedicated and Experienced Employees with Years of Local Market Expertise
  • Approved Vendor for Government Agencies
  • Highest Overall Rated Title Insurers
  • Financial Strength and Stability
  • Security Policies in Place to Ensure Confidentiality